Travers Beynon in Rolls RoyceMore than just a party animal, he’s a provocative entertainer – there are no boundaries he won’t exceed. Beautiful women, designer clothing and fast cars do not define Travers. What defines him is his desire to break the rules, challenge mindsets and redefine entertainment.

He is tenacious, ludicrous, bold.

More than just a successful business owner, he’s a fiercely passionate entrepreneur – there are no limits to what he can conquer. The man behind Freechoice, Australia’s leading tobacconist franchise, Travers has created a new benchmark for success in the industry.

He is thinker, leader, boss.

No one lives bigger, better or bolder than Travers Beynon. Therein lies, both his personal war cry and challenge to all, TLB.

Try live bigger.
Try live better.
Try live bolder.

Who is the Candyman?