Travers Beynon – Candy Shop Mansion Extension C 2017


“What does the Candyman do with his spare time? He buys neighbouring land to expand his footprint on the Gold Coast.

Travers Beynon doesn’t rest and when the two previous renovations and extensions were finished it was time to plan the next one.

June – December 2017 saw a major addition to the ever-growing Candy Shop Mansion. The idea behind Travers Beynon’s extension was to have additional space for family. This wing connects to the existing dwelling via an enclosed bridge, the entrance beyond a mosaic wall opens up into an expansive ballroom (the dome shape in the video), five bedrooms, a lift and kitchen.

23 trucks delivered cement to fill 233 square metres across the three stories. The impressive mosaic on the curved wall is of Bacchus – the god of agriculture, wine and fertility and was hand-laid by an Italian mosaic tiler. This wall had the deadline of the 2017 ‘Freaks Unleashed’ Candy Shop Mansion Party and was still tiling ’til 1am the day of the party!

The Candyman doesn’t do things by halves, nor does he follow the masses in terms of trends…so what’s his next major project?”

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